Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kitchie Nadal: The Rock n' Roll Princess

I didn't know Kitchie Nadal before, but I often saw her name when people talk about music in the Internet. They say nothing but good things on her first solo album. Not just that, they rave about how "cute" and pretty she looks. I also saw that her album has been number one in Manila for the longest time.

So, I got curious. Who is this Kitchie Nadal gal? What's the fuss about? Is she really as good as they say? Maybe she's just one of those singers whose looks overshadows her talents, that's why people buy her album.

So I got her album "Kitchie Nadal." Boy! Am I mistaken. Kitchie is one of the best local musicians/singers I have ever heard. She could sing an English and a Tagalog song without effort. The production and arrangement of the songs in her album "Kitchie Nadal" is one class act. The closest I can get to describing her music is, it's a lil bit Cranberries-esque. But of course, Kitchie has a style all her own.

And who could not love a pretty girl who writes her own music and plays her own instruments? A prepackaged product she's not!

The cd that I bought has a bonus VCD with 4 videos. The videos are ok. It's not high-budget but at least you'd know that they really intended to shoot videos not scrap a bunch of home videos to make a music video.

I llloovvveee this album. She has the voice of an angel, a rock n' roll angel. You can almost be hypnotized by her voice.

I give this album "5 Utots". The highest of all my ratings. Kitchie might have a pretty face, but her talent sure does overshadows it, and she is very pretty. Bilhin ko pa rin album nya maski kamukha niya kili-kili ng buntis. Ganyan sya kagaling.

Weeeeeeee! I definitely agreee with you! ;p
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