Tuesday, February 20, 2007


TULI Film/ Movie Review
Directed by: Auraeus Solito
Written by: Jimmy Flores


Desiree Del Valle ... Daisy
Carlo Aquino
Vanna Garcia ... Botchok
Bembol Roco
Luis Alandy
Eugene Domingo
Ama Quiambao

Hello dear fans!!! Naku, siguro miss na miss nyo nako ano? Ako rin naman, miss na miss ko na rin kayo.

Naku napakalamig dito ngayon sa isla namin. Maski teenager eh nirarayuma sa lamig.


TULI is the story of a woman who lives in a very conservative barrio (small town) ruled by men. Her father is the town's circumsicer. He is abusive and a drunkard. Since she was young, she has always seen women being maltreated and objectified. Instead of growing up as one of the women who waits hand and foot for their men, Desiree's character grown to be quite the opposite. She's strong, brave and fought for her love that transverses the town's culture and beliefs.

First of all, bravo to Viva Films for getting this kind of film made. It was a very bold move. And it paid off.

TULI's setting was in a very conservative barrio, where everyone knows anyone. There are two main characters in the story, the main one is Desiree's, and the other one is Carlo's.

Carlo is the only incircumcised man in the barrio. For this, he was humiliated by all, as being uncircumcised means you are not yet a man.

Desiree has seen the how women are badly treated. She has seen this first-hand from her father, who drinks all the time and beats up their family.

Enter Vanna, Desiree's childhood playmate. She was left by her boyfriend. Desiree to the rescue. She has always admired Vanna, and the two formed a relationship which is more than friendship.

Their love blossomed. They both wanted a child, and they seek Carlo to provide the missing ingredient. When the townsfolk knew about this, they formed an angry mob, but in the end, love won over hate.

I love this film. I can't emphasize this enough, this is a very brave film, considering that this is a Filipino film. No dancing, or toilet humor or shooting guns here. Just a wonderful, wonderful love story between two women. When I was watching this film and I haven't seen the ending, I thought "uh, huh. Typical, the other woman would probably run away with a man, or one of them will be dead or both of them will be dead." Boy, was I wrong.

Desiree's acting was magnificent. You can really emphatize with her character. In my opinion, she could be one of the of the most beautiful actresses in the Philippine cinema today.

Her character was calm, but strong. Proving my point that you don't have to over-act to get the message across the screen. Her eyes speak to you.

Pinoy's who grew up in a foreign land will appreciate this film, since it shows a lot of our old Filipino culture, especially during the lenten season, which is coming up.

Although I love the story, the pacing of the film was slow and boring. There were also some "shaky moments" with the cameras.

I highly recommend this film. Film buffs will appreciate this. It goes to show that not all Pinoy films are stupid, sexist and shoots at being commercial box office success only. Pinoy films can also be intelligent and brave, like this one.

Sad to say, I read that this film was banned in the Philippines. I think that's a stupid move. When are you gonna grow up, people? Open your minds!

Anywho, I give this film 5 Utots. This is a must-see and must-add to your collection. I hope that this film is not the first and last of its kind in the Philippine cinema.


interesting review you got there. i just saw the trailer of this movie and its sad that its banned here. Filipinos have lots of talent, but too bad this can only be shown abroad, more so its a Cannes entry.

I hope you can make a review of an upcoming movie entitled Baliw by Redd Ochoa.

saw this site while bloghopping. Keep it up.

The Sleepy Traveler
WOW wilu. . . KUNG LAHAT SANA ng filmmaker katulad mo mag-isip (yep, u herd it right, i sed FILMMAKERS, not filmgoers who i think is so underestimated by these lardheaded FILMMAKERS. kala nila ang mga viewers ay katulad nila mag-isip. . .) neway kung lahat ng filmmakers katulad mo magisip di sana kasabay na siguro natin ang CHINA at JAPAN sa world cinema. There is no doubt. . . we have a lot of talent just waiting to be given a FUCKIN' chance. . . FAT CHANCE though it may be. HAYUP. . . ba't ba pag ikaw ang nag-rebyu gumagaling akong mag-hengglis! KACHOW, ma frend! kEEP IT UP. . .
alam mo TOA (the orig anonymous), you make sense!!! abah, na-intriga tuloy ako sa persona mo ha? sino ka ba talaga?
guys only filipino men are being circumcised 3/4 of the worlds are uncircumsized meaning mga supot cla...
i dont think this should get a 5 utots rating, with its editing flaws, magulong plot, pati ang sang-sanga ideya tungkol sa pamahiin na wala namang koneksiyon sa istorya, it's not a triumph for the indie movie scene.
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